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Business Value

Reimagine your customer engagement

Help your customers resolve complex issues, intelligently fix problems before they know they have them, and drive actions to instantly take care of common requests.

Increase customer satisfaction

Get to the root cause of issues faster by connecting customer service employees and systems to other departments.

  • ‑ See how you could potentially increase your support‑call NPS by 10 points.

  • ‑ Learn how CDL reduced its calls by 50% with self‑service.

Resolve issues faster

Provide self‑service, route issues automatically, and solve potential problems before they become cases.

Personalization and prediction

Track your customer purchases and trends to anticipate their future needs.

  • ‑ See how Epicor uncovered new upsell and cross‑sell opportunities.

  • ‑ Learn how Gemalto predicts global support requirements.

ServiceNow value

Digitally transformed operations replace manual processes, improve your productivity, and provide services that help you manage your demand and resources.