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Product Primer

Employee experience

Transform your organization’s HR service delivery for stellar employee experiences.

Human Resources

Give your employees a consumerized experience that provides instant answers to their questions, lets them request any HR service, automatically routes their cases to the right people, and orchestrates actions across all your departments. Our resources show you how.

Introduction Kit

HR Service Delivery Suite

Get HR-specific slides with an elevator pitch, product information, and case studies.


HR IT Better Together

Learn from case studies that demonstrate how HR and IT are partnering to transform the employee service experience.


Deliver a Next Generation Employee Experience

View this multi-page infographic to learn more about the value of the HR delivery suite.


Modernizing your ITSM processes is easy with ServiceNow®—especially when you have the information you need at your fingertips. Use these resources to help you gain complete IT service visibility.

Introduction Kit

ITSM for the Madrid Release

Get ITSM-specific slides, case studies, a pitch, and objection handling for your PPT presentations.


How to Modernize ITSM

Start with this template to introduce the value of ITSM to your organization.


Transform IT Service Management

Learn how to transform the impact, speed and delivery of IT service management.

Introduction Kit

ITSM for the London release

Get ITSM-specific slides, case studies, a pitch, and objection handling for your PPT presentations.


ITSM overview

See how ServiceNow ITSM makes IT more effective.


ITSM value overview

Check out this one-page PPT overview of the value in the ServiceNow ITSM solution.

White Paper

Modernize IT service management

This journey document will help you modernize your ITSM process so you can deliver fast, reliable IT services.


ITIL glossary of terms

Find IT lingo—including ITSM terms—clearly defined for the layperson. Keep this handy Excel spreadsheet at your fingertips.

Process Guide

ITSM process guide

Discover how ServiceNow supports ITSM business processes (requires HI access).

Content Guide

Get Started with ITSM

Get tips and practical advice for getting started with ITSM including architecture, user interface, applications, and optimization.

Explore Champion Enablement topics

Getting everyone on board with a new ServiceNow implementation is easier with excellent communications, solid governance, and tried-and-true training methods. Try our tools.

Value Calculator - HR

How does a 37% increase in HR productivity benefit your business? Find out with the newest ServiceNow value calculator.