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Champion Enablement

Strategic program governance

Gain momentum with proper program governance.

Strategic program governance

This list of tools will help your organization use ServiceNow products strategically. The ServiceNow recommended framework for program governance includes strategic governance, technical governance, and portfolio governance.

ServiceNow governance framework

Gain an overview of the ServiceNow recommended program governance program.

Program governance and steering committee template

Use this template to create and maintain your program governance and steering committee.

Platform team support model (white paper)

See the recommended roles and responsibilities needed to support your implementation.

Demand and strategy worksheet

Determine the applicable priority of submitted demands.

Project governance meeting template

Present high-level project status and critical issues to your audience.

Technical governance

For tools on technical governance topics like training, CMDB, and design guidance, check out these resources.

Technical training for continuous improvement

Ensure that your technical teams continue to learn and grow with these training options.

CMDB strategy and planning

Inform your IT leadership about the value of ServiceNow Configuration Management Database.

CMDB design

This white paper offers details from defining requirements to development of your data model.

Portfolio governance

Take a look at these resources to find what you need to make your vision—and focus—on point for your ServiceNow program.

Program charter and management plan

Use this template to think strategically about your ServiceNow program and document your strategy.

Service taxonomy/hierarchy template

Use this Excel template to map the ServiceNow services you offer and any overlaps between your services.

Maximize success with champions

Gain insight into how to identify and cultivate champions in your organization.

Roadmap templates

Use these templates to present the vision, focus, and next steps for your ServiceNow program.

Service delivery maturity overview

Initiate internal conversations about service maturity and how to get to the next level.

Process and requirements workshop outline

Use this document to gather the right information as you prepare for your ServiceNow project.

Explore Champion Enablement topics

Getting everyone on board with a new ServiceNow implementation is easier with excellent communications, solid governance, and tried-and-true training methods. Try our tools.