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HR IT Products
  • Une meilleure combinaison des RH et de l’informatique
  • Boostez la productivité et attirez des talents de qualité grâce à des expériences employés exceptionnelles.
Security Fundamentals
  • Les fondements de la sécurité sanitaire
  • Stimulez l’excellence clinique et améliorez les résultats des soins grâce à un système connecté.


Forrester Report
  • La valeur des workflows numériques
  • Mettez des applications sur le marché avec un délai réduit de moitié et pour un tiers du coût avec davantage de satisfaction.


Customer Success
  • La clé de votre succès
  • Obtenez des résultats plus rapidement grâce à un plan d’action étape par étape reprenant les meilleures pratiques éprouvées.


Value Calculator
  • Soyez à la hauteur de votre potentiel
  • Déterminez la valeur non exploitée de l’ensemble de votre entreprise en seulement 60 secondes.
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Every business wants to get the right information to the right people to help them make better decisions. But decentralized data and inflexible reporting capabilities make this challenge even more difficult.

ServiceNow Reporting combines the power of our platform with a single data model to generate and distribute the information your users need, when they need it. They get predefined and customized reports, and can create eye‑catching dashboards in a flash.

Getting Started with Reporting

Getting Started with Reporting Getting Started with Reporting

Getting Started with Reporting

Quickly Build Reports Using the Report Designer

Report Designer

Quickly Build Reports Using the Report Designer

Use Pre-Packaged Homepages to Get You Started

Report Designer

Use Pre-Packaged Homepages to Get You Started

Create Interactive Dashboards

Report Designer

Create Interactive Dashboards

Reports You Can Rely On

Built on a centralized single data model with advanced reporting functionality, the ServiceNow Reporting engine helps you instantly retrieve and share up‑to‑date information in the shortest amount of time. It also includes 200+ predefined reports, visualizing data across many ServiceNow applications and features including IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, Human Resources, Security Operations, Service Strategy, and Customer Service Management.

You can generate ad hoc reports and save, share, publish, or export them as needed. Report types include lists, charts, geo‑maps, scores, or calendar‑based views of data in a particular table. If none of the predefined reports meet your needs, you can also create your own custom reports as well as add reports on home pages and dashboards to share information across your organization.

Fast Centralized Information

Quickly visualize data using 200+ pre‑defined report templates and dashboards

Create custom reports to see data on any ServiceNow application or process using the report designer

Save time with standard report sources that can be reused for frequent queries instead of having to rebuild the same search terms manually across many reports

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Flexible Delivery

Publish reports to a publicly accessible URL and on homepages and dashboards for easy sharing

Schedule automated report runs and email distributions

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Use visualization to drill down and find meaningful data more efficiently

On‑the‑fly regrouping and restacking of data let users find insight without having to create additional reports

ServiceNow Products and Solutions

Standardized Reporting

Define report sources with standard data sets that users can leverage to create their own reports

Change the format/data on the report source to modify all reports built against that source

ServiceNow Tunnel

Easy Administration

Quickly find your most frequently used reports or the reports that take the longest to run using built‑in tools

Reduce clutter by identifying those reports that were created and run only once or haven’t been run in months

Use the dashboard canvas to quickly create eye‑pleasing page layouts that dynamically resize for different screen sizes

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